The National Police Community Trust was formed on 7 February 2000 by four Police Officers with a committed desire to help young people lead safe, healthy lives and achieve their personal potential. 
The Trust secured funding and began developing resources and projects. This included a highly successful series of primary school booklets, secondary school projects addressing difficult issues such as alcohol, drugs and knife crime and, work in prisons to support reductions in re-offending. 
The Trust has no paid officials and relies entirely upon volunteers. Over time as Trustees were promoted or moved on their capacity to give time reduced. 
From 2010 the Trust fell dormant. Then in 2018 the Trust recruited 3 new Trustees who have provided the expertise, energy and drive to take the National Police Community Trust forward again. Our aims and objectives have never been more relevant and we are equipped with the skills and experience to support work around some of the most prominent social issues facing society today.. 

Mission Statement   β€œTo inspire young people to lead healthy lifestyles, make the most of their potential and become good, responsible citizens.”  

Provide access to structured sports programmes in a positive supportive and inspirational environment. 
Provide resources that support education around the risk factors associated with involvement in, or becoming a victim of, crime and anti social behaviour. 
Support all young people but, with a particular focus on hard to reach and vulnerable groups 
Work in partnership with Police, Local Authorities and Sporting Bodies. 
Increase physical participation levels 
Promote responsible citizenship values 
Reduce vulnerability to involvement in, or becoming a victim of, crime and anti social behaviour. 
Increase self esteem and confidence to help maximise personal potential 
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