Boxing Programmes


Since our inception, we have recognised the value of engagement with children and young people through sporting activity. The demographic of the hard to reach young people we aim to work with demanded an appropriate sport with which we could achieve such engagement. After trialling a number of sports, including football, basket-ball, cricket and various martial-arts we discovered that Olympic style boxing created the greatest attraction as an engagement tool.

Working closely with the national governing body (NGB) of Olympic Boxing, we have developed into a major provider of certificated courses designed to ‘Train the Trainer.’ We also have tried and tested methods of engagement from the most hard to reach communities to main stream schools, clubs and groups, ensuring that we reach large numbers of young people.

Our programmes include:


Endorsed by England Boxing, Contender Am-Box provides an introduction to the sport of Olympic Boxing using our innovative ‘non-contact’ programme. The programme is fully risk assessed and has been delivered for over ten years to thousands of children and young people. Many students have progressed through to become members of registered sports clubs, maintaining a healthy disciplined lifestyle.

The Contender Am-Box programme has been adopted by the Metropolitan Police as a significant resource with which they can engage hard to reach communities. Working in partnership, we have trained over 100 police officers and PCSO’s [as qualified Boxing Leaders) and delivered the Contender Am-Box programme to over 3000 young people.

Contender Am-Box is flexible and can be incorporated into holiday programmes or delivered as an after school initiative. Modules can be delivered over 1 to 15 days. We have also developed an educational element that can be delivered with the sporting component. This element focuses on personal safety and well being with a particular emphasis on reducing the risks to involvement in crime or becoming a victim of crime. Importantly, this is not a police specific element. Coaches and volunteers are trained to deliver the educational component alongside the boxing coaching.

This course is certificated.


Our Leader programme is recognized as the first steps into coaching within the sport of Olympic Boxing. The programme is fully risk assessed and insured (£5m) and has been delivered over a number of years to hundreds of young people and adults [15 years to adult]

Leader is a one day course, fully endorsed by England Boxing, providing all the necessary skills to enable the student to qualify as a ‘Olympic Boxing Leader’ with full NGB Registration, DBS registration, PCCGB registration and authority to deliver the Contender Am-Box programme in any setting including schools.

The course is certificated


The natural progression from our ‘in house’ NGB supported programmes is the universally recognised Level 1 & Level 2 Olympic Boxing coaching courses.

Both courses are delivered over 5 days and include compulsory half day courses in Safeguarding and First Aid.

The courses can only be delivered by NGB qualified Coach Educators. We have numerous members who are so qualified.

Our ultimate aim is to provide the skill sets for students to achieve Level 2.

The course is certificated


This programme is the first UK wide ‘Tag’ resource designed exclusively by the Trust in association with the England Boxing and Scotland Boxing National Coaches.

The resource has many boxing related games and has been enthusiastically received by clubs, youth groups and schools throughout the UK.

Tag develops boxing skills in a fun and safe (non contact) way and has been described as
the most exciting ‘sport fun’ activity available that is directly linked to Olympic Boxing.


Working with the Muslim community and in collaboration with the Home Office and Police Service we have previously formed sports clubs within or in the vicinity of Mosques. This pilot programme proved very successful and variations of the programme have been equally welcome in London, Thames Valley and West Yorkshire areas. The objective is engage vulnerable young people within the Muslim community in our programmes so that they can share the health and education benefits.

In view of the positive response and working in collaboration with The National Association of Muslim Police, we are currently seeking support for a further more varied programme within Mosques across the UK.

This initiative will see the extension of the ‘Clubs within Mosques’ with members of the Muslim community working in partnership with other agencies, to support the delivery of our programmes.

The courses will be certificated.


Delivered by serving / retired highly qualified Police Child Safeguarding Officers, we provide a full range of Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adult courses.

As our Safeguarding Children’s Courses are endorsed by the ‘NSPCC – Child Protection in Sport Unit’ they are a perfect fit for our sports programmes e.g. Boxing Leader programme.

Our expertise in the field of Safeguarding has been acknowledged by the National Governing Body of Olympic Boxing for whom we designed and produced their course and resources which are now delivered to all appropriate members throughout their organisation.

We design, write and publish Safeguarding Policies & Procedures and their Manuals / Lesson Plans. This includes training for trainers, specifically addressing Safeguarding in other sports and organisations.


We incorporate First Aid training into all of our programme. The training is delivered by fully qualified instructors and meets the criteria set by Sport England in relation to first aid within sport.

This course is certificated.


It is important to note that all our courses have been adapted to support students with various disabilities and special needs. The Trust has been a leader in this work and have engaged with a wide range of organisations in order to extend our community engagement into areas of most need.