A key aim of the NPCT is to educate and inform young people so that they are better equipped to make good decisions. We want to help young people to stay safe, lead healthy lives and make the very most of their unique potential. If we can do that then we can make a contribution to wider society, reducing crime and the causes of crime and improving quality of life for everyone.

Early Intervention

There is strong evidence to support early intervention but with sensitive subject areas, this needs to be handled with sensitivity and care. Our Key Stage 1 & 2 Children’s books have been designed to be fun and interesting while supporting discussion around important safety messages and learning goals. Our books range from generic Stranger Danger to Anti Social Behaviour, Drugs and Alcohol and Internet Safety.

Barney and Echo

Key Stage 3 onwards

NCPT programmes for older young people are all peer led. Our philosophy is to work with young people, involving them in content and design. We want to address the issues that affect their lives using tools that they can relate to. We run consultation workshops and invite young people to work with us and our design team to develop our resources.

Uchooze – was informed by consultation with over 2,000 young people. We asked young people to talk to us about their experiences and the issues that affect them and then, tell us what they felt the key areas of education/awareness were. We then worked with them to create a series of short films with wrap around lesson plans that can be used in school or community settings. The subject areas are gangs, knife crime, anti social behaviour and drugs/alcohol.


H8 Crime Resource Pack
H8 Crime Resource pack was commissioned by Durham Agency Against Crime. An animated film supports lesson plans around the 5 strands of Hate Crime: Gender/Diversity; Religion: Disability; Sexual Orientation and Race.

H8 Crime Resource Pack

Bespoke Resources

We accept commissions to design and deliver resources and have a fund raising team that can raise the finance for your project.

Please contact us to arrange a chat about how the NPCT can help deliver your project idea.

Lead Officer profile: Steve Arkley

Steve Arkley
“Steve has spent 25 years leading multi agency criminal justice partnerships. He has extensive project management experience, working at a senior level across Police, Local Authority, Health, Probation, Youth Justice and Prison services. Steve is the author and co-ordinator of all our education and citizenship programmes. This includes project managing 15 short films addressing knife crime and gang violence in London, producing a series of 6 children’s books that have been distributed to over 300,000 children across the UK and, developing a unique Hate Crime resource based on an animated film. Steve has developed a strong team of graphic designers, illustrators, film makers and education specialists to support his work.”